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Organise your business conference, company function or team building event with ease using Find a suitable conference venue as well as extra services that you may need when planning your conference, such as, caterers, accommodation, corporate clothing and gifts, mulit-media equipment, decor hire,
pamphlet and brochure design and much more.

We also list professional conference organisers to take away the stress of organising a conference or any company function / event.

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 Read these great articles for tips and ideas for organising a conference

Organising a conference is no easy task and depending on the number of guests and length of the conference, planning can take anything from months to years, yes years!. If you do not have the services of a professional conference organiser then make sure that you have a great team to work worth and start planning well in advance.... more on planning a conference
 Conference Articles

The purpose of a conference may be for a variety of reasons. A conference can be a small and intimate affair or a large-scale event that requires months of planning. Here are some reasons to hold a conference.

Organising a conference requires a lot of planning and organisation. Here are some points to consider when planniny your next conference, meeting or corporate event.
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More often than not participants find meetings, dull dry and boring. But it doesn't have to be that way! Help your attendees maximize results by following these 10 steps. So you're looking for a conference venue? Not the size of the Taj Mahal, but something just as impressive. A venue with the right amount of space, flexible catering, including accommodation and the right facilities.



This might be the biggest concern of would-be speakers: "What if I forget what I was going to say?" What was the last memorable presentation you attended? Was it easy for you to remember the last talk you listened to? Were there public speaking skills and techniques that you wish you could adapt during the presentation?



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